I started my journey as a photographer under the mentorship of Standish Lawder in 1999. He introduced me to the magic of chemicals in the making of a photograph. Quoting him, “Every Print is a Test Print”. I spent hours to get the final test print. When done, I would not have the energy to make a copy. Hence, transition to the world of digital photography has been very challenging to me.

After much thinking and experimenting I decided to ‘recalibrate’ my pursuit of photography in a way that made most sense to me. I gravitated to Street Photography slowly as it connected me with the outside world. During this gradual transition I got heavily drawn to the works of Eugene Atget and Henri Cartier-Bresson who are maestros on this subject. Street Photography is a means for self-discovery as I seek to better understand my place in the urban landscape. The environment is constantly changing - subjects seeking interactions or are already connected in some way. As a photographer, I want my work to reflect my perception of my surroundings at a given point of time.

Standish often said, “Our visual perception is biased, based on how we see the world from eye level.” The camera gives me an opportunity to look at the world from different levels and angles. Standish left us in 2014.  But his words ring in my ears every time I hit the streets with my camera and attempt to transform a 3D visual perception into a two dimensional image.